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Help & Info about SPSS for windows

  • What does SPSS 64Bits do?

    SPSS 64Bits is one of the most popular software packages for conducting statistical analysis. Anyone with a keen interest in quantitative research will find the program useful. The 64-Bit version makes the most of the efficient RAM-handling and runs even larger operations smoothly.
  • Is SPSS easy to use?

    SPSS 64Bits is a premium statistical package and its qualities come at the expense of a steep learning curve - or significant prior statistical knowledge. The menus and options all relatively easy to navigate, even for quants who are new to the program, but you do need to know what you are doing to get around quickly.
  • Does SPSS 64Bits produce graphics?

    Absolutely! In fact, SPSS's graphics module has been improving continuously, and the newest version comes with a powerful data visualisation module which will help you present findings in more creative and compelling ways than mere rows of numbers. This feature has certainly come a long way and is among the strongest selling points of SPSS 64Bits.
  • Can SPSS 64Bits support secondary data analysis?

    Yes, SPSS can carry out some rudimentary secondary data analysis, but this functionality is rather limited and you would be better off purchasing a different statistical software package specifically suited to this task.
  • Is SPSS 64Bits integrated with other applications?

    Yes, SPSS's latest edition features extensions which allow you to transfer your previous work from various open-source applications like R or Python directly. You can choose one of over 100 such extensions or build your own which speaks specifically to your needs. As such, SPSS 64Bits is very versatile and welcoming.
  • How is SPSS 64Bits superior to MS Excel?

    While there might be some visual similarities between the two applications, SPSS is clearly superior to the well-known Microsoft data solution in the vastly greater number of functionalities it integrates into a single powerful package. While Excel may satisfy the lower-level household data management needs, anything beyond that benefits greatly from the professional touch of SPSS.
  • Is there a syntax editor?

    For those coming from an R or Python environment, SPSS allows you to code up your analyses instead of going through the menu options. The syntax editor is simple yet powerful, and there are numerous pre-coded operations available both as part of the package and on the dedicated SPSS community's online forums.
  • How large is SPSS 64Bits?

    The statistical package's power and versatility also mean a large hard disk footprint. As many users choose additional packages and extensions, there is no fixed size we can quote here, but budget up to a Gigabyte to be on the safe side.
  • Is SPSS 64Bits free?

    No. Such power and ability naturally come at a price. There is a free trial period during which you can experience the power of the software package first-hand, but to save and use your results, you need to pay.
  • What SPSS 64Bits packages are there?

    Basic, Custom Tables & Advanced Statistics, Complex Samples & Testing, and Forecasting & Decision Trees.


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